The Beacon & Code Wall

A six-story digital art installation and neighborhood icon

At the heart of Lake Nona’s Town Center stands “The Beacon” and the “Code Wall.” “The Beacon” is a six-story landmark that comes to life at night with a visual experience of video, music and interactive elements. Alongside it stands “Code Wall,” an installation of specialized dichroic glass with imagery and messages written in binary code. At night, “The Beacon” comes to life with a visual experience of video, music and interactive elements designed in partnership with Lake Nona artist JEFRE, New York-based Michael Counts and 3-Legged Dog. “Code Wall” also serves as a parking area. For a fun learning experience, we invite visitors to interpret the binary code written in its dichroic glass: Simply look for the plaques that will assist you to read the binary around the wall. In the code, you’ll learn about the vision and purpose of Lake Nona — a community built to inspire.

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