Robotic Mowers

Lake Nona began testing new autonomous lawn care technology.

August 28, 2020

As a living lab, Lake Nona is a place where new ideas are tested. Innovation permeates into every aspect of our community from home design and education to technology, health and wellbeing, transportation, and thanks to our latest effort – commercial lawn care.

Lake Nona, in partnership with Berman Property Maintenance & Construction, recently began testing the use of commercial autonomous lawn mowers. You may have noticed the mowers around different parts of the Town Center, Gateway office building, and Laureate Park. Manufactured by Husqvarna, a global leader in outdoor lawn care products, the commercial robotic mowers use a variety of sensors to navigate the grass and deliver a precise cut.

The mowers are controlled by GPS and are constantly monitored, making them extremely safe and secure to use. Equipped with a smaller, light-weight blade, the robotic mowers produce a much quieter noise and use less energy compared to standard lawn mowers.

A small number of mowers are currently being tested in select areas to see if this new technology will be a fit for Lake Nona. Berman’s commercial landscape crews are also testing the latest zero-emission handheld landscape equipment.

The robotic mowers test for commercial landscaping is complementary to the solar-powered efforts for residential lawn care by Suntek, owned by Lake Nona resident Christopher Lee Regis.

It’s exciting to see the next wave of tech-driven, sustainable landscaping innovation for commercial and residential uses in action in Lake Nona.

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