Picture Perfect

A roundup of Lake Nona’s most Instagram-worthy locations.

August 27, 2020

Whether you’re looking for a backdrop to snap some family portraits or you want to save some highlights from a day of adventure in Lake Nona, there’s no shortage of insta-worthy places to explore in our community.

Here are some of our favorite picture-perfect spots to share on Instagram – including one new colorful art installation!


Sunsets in Lake Nona are stunning from just about any location, but Canvas Restaurant & Market is the only one that offers dining and a sunset. Some of the best views are from the dine-in patio where you can capture the rippled reflection of the sunset along the water.

Picture Perfect 1

Another breathtaking view of the sunset is in front of the “Code Wall” in the Lake Nona Town Center. The piece was designed in partnership with Lake Nona artist JEFRE to transform a standard parking structure into a stunning visual art piece. During sunset, panels of dichromatic glass that line the “Code Wall” illuminate during the evening sun creating a spectrum of color. Venture to the top of the parking garage to catch a panoramic sunset view.


After a few sets on the courts at the USTA National Campus, pop up to the Observation Deck for a 360-view of the entire 64-acre campus. From the Deck, you can look out on the campus’ 100 tennis courts and maybe catch some players in-action during a match.


Our 44 miles of trails come with breathtaking views of wildlife and nature. Lace up your rollerblades (or skates) for a breezy boomerang along our winding trails or take the family out for a bike ride or nature walk. You could spend the whole day on the trails from NorthLake Park to Laureate Park and Creekside.


For a vintage vibe, visit our shiny and refurbished 1974 Airstream Land Yacht nestled behind a bed of flowers outside Boxi Park. Fun fact: the airsteam was previously used as a mobile information center for Lake Nona.


“Prismatic” Mural

Inspired by a deconstructed prism, Lake Nona’s newest art installation, “Prismatic,” plays off of the visual of interacting light creating a spectrum of different colors. The mural’s cascade of 20 vibrant colors is located in Lake Nona Town Center near the “Code Wall” parking garage.

“Prismatic” will be completed with custom geometric letterform “Lake Nona” sign along the exterior wall facing the Veterans Way entrance to Town Center.

Handcrafted Sculptures

Eleven handcrafted sculptures of flowers, butterflies, and more measuring 10’ high can be seen throughout the Lake Nona Town Center and Laureate Park neighborhood. The artist, Vanessa Mazza, was inspired by nature and wildlife native to her home in southern Argentina.

The “Glass House”

Next to Canvas Restaurant & Market along the water is the colorful “Glass House” installation by Brooklyn-based artist Tom Fruin. Visit after sunset for an enchanting experience to see the house glow from inside out.

Picture Perfect 4

Laureate Park Murals

You’ll find two murals within Laureate Park Village Center. One is a summery mosaic art installation on the side of Canvas Restaurant & Market. The other is a burst of florals by Laureate Insurance Partners.

Angel Wings

Become part of the artwork with the Global Angel Wings Project by artist Colette Miller. From Los Angeles street art to international public art, the pair of wings are meant to remind humanity that we are angels of this earth. You can find these beauties in Lake Nona Town Center near Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine.


Bring your furry best friend to visit ours in the Town Center. Modeled after a Labrador Retriever, “Disco” is a 35-foot, 3,100-pound stainless steel sculpture by JEFRE. Disco’s fractal, reflective surface was designed to replicate the water/waves of our Lake Nona namesake.


From the inside out, Pixon Apartments is beaming with colorful custom artwork by three brilliant artists. The lobby, shared with Foxtail Coffee, features a Lake Nona inspired mural by graffiti artist LeDania on the ceiling and a bold chalk mural by  designer Carissa Bloemeke. LeDania created a colorful extension of the vibrant ceiling mural on an exterior column just outside Foxtail Coffee. Take a stroll across Tavistock Lakes Boulevard to capture the building’s brightly colored exterior mural, “Equinox,” created by public artist Cecilia Lueza.

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