Let the Sunshine In

View, Inc., installs smart windows throughout our community

April 07, 2020

Lake Nona is working with a new innovative partner, View, Inc., to install the company’s smart windows throughout our community including Canvas Restaurant & Market, the Dockside event venue, and new office and hotel projects under construction. View Smart Windows predictively tint in response to outdoor conditions, eliminating the need for blinds, while also offering health benefits for building occupants and the environment.

When the sun shines, a coating between the double panes of glass will darken, similar to self-tinting glasses. This reduces glare (which can cause eye strain, headaches, and drowsiness) and heat gain (which may require turning up the air-conditioning and increasing energy use), while maintaining natural light.

Health Benefits

View’s smart technology provides an optimal balance of natural light to keep people comfortable. With View Smart Windows, building occupants get all of the health and productivity benefits of natural light without the consequences of uncontrolled sunlight like glare.

For office buildings, increased exposure to natural light creates positive impacts on the health, energy, and work-related performance for the employees inside. The absence of natural light and outdoor views have been shown to hurt the employee experience by decreasing the ability of the eye to relax and recover from fatigue. By prioritizing controlled daylight in an office setting, employees are able to work more comfortably.

Click here for a video that explains how this new technology works.

Environment Benefits

One of the fastest-growing trends in sustainable building, View Smart Windows can improve a building’s energy efficiency by up to 20 percent.

“We’re excited to align with another forward-thinking company like View to bring this new technology to Lake Nona,” said Juan Santos, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Tavistock Development Company. “Reducing energy consumption and creating environments that improve health are top priorities for our community and our company as a whole. We are investing significantly into this groundbreaking infrastructure, in both new and existing buildings, so that the benefits can be realized immediately.”

View Smart Windows are also programmed to tint on demand from a mobile device. Building managers can create schedules, choose zones, and control the windows with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Since its inception 12 years ago, View has installed more than 65 million square feet of smart window glass in buildings across the globe including hospitals, airports, hotels, educational facilities, and office buildings.

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