CBS News Features Lake Nona

Lake Nona’s fast-growing, neo-urban environment is back in the national spotlight

June 18, 2018

CBS News wanted to know, “How can a property purchase reduce stress, improve health and bring peace of mind?” They found the answer in Lake Nona.

Click here to watch the CBS News feature showcasing Lake Nona.

Lake Nona’s residential, educational, healthcare, technology, sports and growing retail offerings were highlighted during a six-minute news segment on CBS This Morning, one of the most watched news programs.

“I love living here, I love it,” Laureate Park resident, Natalia Foote told CBS News correspondent, Manuel Bojorquez.

CBS News Features Lake Nona 1

CBS News found our community goes “beyond the normal perks,” offering homes and neighborhoods that are thoughtfully designed to boost the physical and spiritual wellbeing of those who call Lake Nona home.

With more than 14,000 residents Lake Nona is the fastest-growing community in Orlando.  “The entire 17-square mile development is designed to optimize healthy living through amenities and events,” said Bojorquez.

Bojorquez sat down with Tavistock Development Company President, Jim Zboril to learn more about how Lake Nona is designed to inspire institutions, business and people to thrive.

CBS News Features Lake Nona 2

“We run 1,000 events a year, that’s how we make a difference here in terms of the collaboration is by getting people together,” said  Zboril.

Our master-planned community was the chosen destination for institutions in Lake Nona Medical City, creating high-quality jobs, and offering residents the opportunity  to live, work and play in Lake Nona.

“What we call walkability is a Neo-Urban environment, a new urban environment, it’s the best of urban with suburban,” said Zboril. “It’s a lot easier to work from home when your child is going to daycare across the street. You can go to school here from pre-K all the way to graduate school without leaving the property in public education. There’s jobs here. There’s great housing choices from apartments all the way through to multi-million dollar houses, so there really is something here for everybody.”

Lake Nona’s growing Town Center and innovative retail environment were featured in what CBS News called an ambitious place.

Respected thought leaders like Deepak Chopra who impact change during the annual Lake Nona Impact Forum were featured during the segment.

CBS News Features Lake Nona 3

“Wellbeing is number one trend in the world,”said Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP and founder, The Chopra Foundation, Co-Founder, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing. “We are creating a city or a community of wellbeing – this is happening now, I think this will be the trend everywhere soon.”

CBS News told viewers that in Lake Nona every day can feel like a vacation, but for Natalia Foote’s family and others, it’s more than a feeling – it’s the truth.

“I know it’s been three and a half years, but I still walk around and I say, ‘Wow this is the community we live in, we live here,’ and I’m very grateful for it,” said Foote.

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